More Projects



  • Billings Clinic
  • Cornerstone Church, Billings
  • Billings Christian Academy
  • Billings YMCA
  • Cenex Refinery Operations Center, Laurel
  • Montana State University-Billings Library
  • Magic Diamond Casino, Miles City
  • Custer County High School, Miles City
  • Laurel High School



  • Stockman Banks; Manhattan, Plentywood, Billings, Sidney
  • Billings School District #2; Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, Hilands, Will James, Beartooth
  • Williston Truck Wash
  • Montana State University-Billings Rimrock Hall
  • Hardin High School



  • Billings School District #2; Castlerock, McKinley
  • Billings YMCA
  • Graff School, Laurel
  • HDR Engineering, Billings


  • Billings School District #2; Ponderosa, Meadowlark, Arrowhead
  • Langlas General Contractors, Billings
  • Beartooth Clinic, Red Lodge
  • Washington Elementary, Miles City
  • Village Apartment Towers, Bozeman
  • Wells Fargo Bank, Forsyth
  • Carquest Autoparts, Forsyth
  • Big Bear Sports, Billings


Fleece Back TPO

  • Billings School District #2; Lewis and Clark, Rose Park


Architectural Metals

  • Billings Clinic
  • Bair Family Museum, Martinsdale
  • Town Pump-Shiloh, Billings
  • Lucky Lils Casino-24th and Grand, Billings
  • West Park Manor Retirement Home, Billings
  • Billings School District #2, Arrowhead and Beartooth
  • Hardin High School
  • Livingston Historic Train Depot Renovation

Ashpalt Shingles

  • Mission Ridge, Billings
  • Valley Healthcare, Billings
  • Billings Health and Rehab
  • Billings School District #2, McKinley


Wood Shingles and Shakes

  • Yellowstone National Park Roosevelt Lodge
  • Billings Clinic Foundation House
  • Will James



  • Billings School District #2, McKinley and Broadwater
  • Stockman Bank, Missoula
  • Little Horn State Bank, Billings


Modified Bitumen

  • Canyon Creek School, Billings


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